Saturday, July 16, 2011


EpCop MOOC is an open, on-line course that will develop skills and knowledge in e-learning and the development of e-portfolios. It will begin in August 2011.

I have registered for this course and, along with twelve others, will act as a Challenge Mentor throughout the course.

I am a sessional tutor facilitating adult learning in the Vocational Education sector. I currently deliver TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and ICA10105 Certificate I in Information Technology. These courses are worlds apart but I love the challenges and the learning experiences each brings and the diverse learner groups means that no course is ever the same.

As a Challenge Mentor, I hope to bring to the MOOC my love for learning and my passion for all things ‘E’. There are so many opportunities for diverse learning experiences and for connecting to a worldwide community and I hope to be able to share knowledge and skills and encourage those who are beginning their E-journey.

Participants have been asked to reflect on the following questions:
1. What are your expectations/challenges for this course?
2. What areas of your life do you plan to use e-portfolios?
3. What will success look like for you after you take this course?

I expect to learn much from participating in this course. I will connect with people who have the same interests and will learn different ways to collect and present artefacts in my e-portfolio. I hope to learn more of the platforms that can be used for e-portfolios and to further develop my e-portfolio.

There are many uses for e-portfolios and the focus of the e-portfolio I develop will be for Recognition of Prior Learning. Tangible success will be reflected in the achievement of Statements of Attainment that lead to the completion of a qualification. Further success will be in the growth of personal development through learning and connection with others.

A challenge for me may be using time wisely; not getting caught up in the activities but keeping focused on outcomes. Web 2.0 tools can be alot of fun!

I look forward to this experience as a wonderful opportunity to learn.

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