Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reflecting on my practice ...

I have not forgotten this blog and am still embarked on my E-Learning Journey. I am developing a wiki to support the course I facilitate and this is consuming much of my time. I'm also learning about the new units which are incorporated into the course. Building the wiki helps consolidate this new knowledge.

The wiki is a resource for course participants but Web 2.0 tools have been incorporated to demonstrate the ways in which they can be utilised in training/teaching practice.

At present, participants are using the wiki as a resource. They have not engaged in discussions or 'played in the sandpit'. I have posed questions to begin the conversations and encourage participation however; this is a new medium for most and people are treading warily. The course is demanding and time constraints are also an issue.

The wiki is closed because it has been developed in the name of the organisation that I am employed by and I hoped that the privacy would encourage participation.

For the moment, I'm glad the wiki provides additional information, reinforces learning and is the beginning of sustainable practice as far less handouts are required when files can be accessed through the wiki.

And course participants are experiencing aspects of e-learning!

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