Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time for Reflection and Connection

Now I have established a peaceful view, found a distraction and shared some food, it is time to record some goals for my e-journey. 

I have embarked on this travel in the search of personal development which I have not previously accessed. I have always accessed internet tools in my training practice beginning with on-line games that build literacy, numeracy and basic IT skills. 

I ventured into the world of wiki, creating a resource for blended delivery. This wiki provided a forum for students to interact with me and with their peers. It provided links to resources and activities and assessment tasks could be accessed via the wiki providing students the opportunity to chose work that reflected their interests.  The main aim was to promote self-learning through offering choice and by offering 'tasters' of what can be achieved on-line. The wiki also offered the opportunity for self-paced learning. Students were encouraged to develop their own wikis as e-portfolios and this process was shared with a colleague with a similar vision.

Unfortunately, this journey ended and the wiki remains idle, gathering cyber dust and waiting for the second coming. I began facilitating an entirely different course which is challenging in different ways and has afforded me the opportunity for much reflection. Facilitating this course has been an experience which has led me to recognise the need for personal development through developing networks and expanding skills in the area of e-learning. I hope to expand my horizons by 'connecting' with others who have different experiences and perspectives. 

The overall learning goal is to learn as much as possible thereby growing facilitation and assessment skills. 

The short term goal is to develop a more specific focus so I can master one skill before heading off onto another. 

Sooo much temptation... so back to reflection...


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Fiona. I love your choice of image and I like the way you have placed your current goals in the context of what has gone before. You seem clear about your broad direction and I like the way you are thinking both short-term and long-term. I wonder what that focus will turn out to be?

  2. Thank you, Jane. I appreciate your support. I think I will focus on faciliation skills which is an umbrella for so many other skills. I'm currently reading E-learning skill sets: Australian experts speak and am hoping this will identify a focus.

  3. Perhaps this new focus aligned to the elearning skills sets can provide you with some food for thought for another blog post?

  4. This is a copy of my e-learning statement.
    My over-all goal is to learn as much as I can from this experience. My more specific goal is to further develop facilitation skills with a focus on training in an e-learning environment. It is important to improve professional practice to model good practice to participants in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. It also important to model good communication skills when facilitating one-to-one training with disengaged youth. Online tools afford greater options for learning and assessment practices so I need to expand knowledge and skills to achieve this. I hope to experience different learning tools that will enable me to implement e-learning practices into my training and assessment. This will be an on-going process as individual student’s needs and organizational needs change. I hope for the support of colleagues, new people I will meet and management.

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